Corporate culture of Yusys Technologies is the combination of corporate spirit and team value, which, in the corporate development, can effectively stimulate senses of mission, unite senses of belonging, strengthen senses of responsibility, give senses of honor, and achieve senses of accomplishment.


使命 "No.1 brand of information technology services in China's financial industry"


愿景 "Provide comprehensive IT solutions for the financial industry, and become the industry leader with the best services."

Core Values  



Integrity is the basis of enterprise development, and the unity of moral standards and behavioral norms. The Company has good faith, stresses credibility, keeps promises, and operates with honesty.

Our staff suit the action to the word, abide by the commitment, show love and dedication to their work, present loyalty to the enterprise, implement the company's decisions and arrangements, strictly carry out rules and regulations, and consciously abide by the company's disciplines.



Stand on solid ground and progress forward steadily.

We take everything from the Company's reality, going forward step by step instead of setting too ambitious goals; all of our decisions are market-oriented and based on market research, and comply with market rules.



Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.Keeping the habit of learning, we learn from books, clients and peers.

The Company respects knowledge, talents, labor and creation, and encourages the employees to improve the learning ability based on jobs.



Advance with the times, forge ahead and dare to be first.

Enterprises fearing changes will inevitably lose their vitalities. The Company encourages employees to innovate in the enterprise system, management, technology development and other aspects, and create first-class management, technologies and products with its own characteristics, so as to strive to achieve higher goals and create more values.