As one of the largest providers of bank IT solutions in China, Yusys Technologies Co., Ltd. (herein after “The Company”) is mainly engaged in providing bank-oriented financial institutions with information services, such as consulting, software products, software development and implementation, operation and maintenance, and system integration. Headquartered in Beijing, Yusys has 27 holding subsidiaries and 11 equity participation enterprises, with total number of employees reaching over 6,600.

According to the IDC report, The Company has ranked first in China's banking IT solutions market for six consecutive years since 2010. And it has always maintained a leading position in online banking, credit management, business intelligence and risk management. Meanwhile, The Company also boasts industry-leading products in customer relationship management, mobile finance, call center, counter trading and system value-added services, and keeps a strong growth momentum. As a leader in China's banking IT solutions market, The Company is an IT supplier with the most complete product types, the highest degree of specialization and the most brand influence.

Since its establishment, The Company has always served bank-oriented financial institutions and built long-term and stable cooperation with many customers in the financial industry by virtue of industry-leading technologies and good sense of service. Currently, The Company has provided relevant products and services for the People's Bank of China, three non-commercial banks, five state-owned commercial banks, 13 joint-stock banks, 100-odd foreign banks and over 100 regional commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives, forming a high brand reputation in the industry.

The Company sets great by product development and technology accumulation as well as adopts business products and technology platforms to give full play to its experience of over 10 years in financial IT industry. Also, The Company follows the advanced IT architecture concept of taking "customers as the center, financial products as the basis, risk control as the main line and IT management as the guarantee". In addition, The Company tracks industry trends and from the perspective of overall structure of financial IT system, continues investment in R&D to supplement all-round product layout covering channels, business systems and management systems on a gradual basis.

As a high-tech enterprise, The Company boasts CMMI3 certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, information system integration and service qualification certification. The Company has participated in preparation of the Specification for Software Research and Development (SJ/T11463-2013) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as well as the Specification for Software Development Cost Estimating of Information Technology Projects (DB11/T1010-2013) of local standard in Beijing.