Internet Finance

Liana5.0 Internet banking system, after years of accumulation, has provided the banks' Internet channel with a full range of business products, including a new generation of online banking system (personal online banking, corporate online banking, small business online banking, and internal management), direct bank, unified payment platform, bank-enterprise direct connection, cash management and monitoring system, online customer service and other products.

Big Data

Yusys's idea of building a new generation of enterprise-level financial big data platform, is not about selecting a database product to replace the traditional one, nor about selecting an emerging technology with characteristics to solve or overcome the previous technical problems, but rests in the establishment of an ecological system. The platform to be built is expected to have the extraordinary characteristics of Volume, Variety, Velocity, Variability, Veracity, Complexity and Value. Our dominant idea is to build a new generation of financial big data ecological service system, which is able to adapt to the status quo of enterprises, while bringing business development with technologies, and promoting technological progress based on business needs under the complex competitive conditions in the next few years.

Smart Banking

Yusys Technologies, with the industry's leading smart banking solutions, is aiming to combine banking business, products and services through a variety of advanced equipment, systems and technology applications; carry out in-depth reform of site positioning, business pattern, spatial environment, service process, marketing mode, technological equipment, system platform and control mode from whole-channel integration, human-computer interaction, smart insight, precision marketing, intelligent control and other dimensions based on customer structure and demand changes, so as to improve service efficiency, customer experience and network capacity in a comprehensive way, and reduce operating costs of banks.

Internet Core Banking

The Internet core of Yusys is to support the core system of banks, pan-finance, Internet companies and other business forms. It mainly focuses on the core contents such as clients, accounts, accounting, products and pricing, and provides support to the multiple business forms based on the parameter configuration or extended applications.

Company Management

There are significant differences between Internet core and traditional core in scope, framework and implementation, and they will still have distinct orientations for a certain period of time. However, in the future, with the continuous integration of business and technology, the Internet core will undertake more and more applications, and become the main direction of the future development.

In view of the problems and difficulties faced by the banks, and with the support of CMMI and PMP theories, Yusys Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has finally formed a project management consulting program and project management platform with banking characteristics through summary of the current management situation of the typical banks and management requirements for bank projects, and continuous sorting, summarization and analysis, hoping to help the banks to improve the overall system control and system delivery quality.

Consumer Finance

After more than 10 years of development, China's consumer finance has become a blue ocean through economic transformation, government's promotion, urbanization, change of consumption concept, and improvement of the Internet finance and credit system. According to the statistics, China's Internet consumer finance market has reached a transaction scale of RMB 9.69 billion in 2014, increasing by 112.5% from a year earlier. It is expected that by 2017, the market size will exceed RMB 100 billion. With more relaxed supervision regulations in the early 2016 - "carry out consumer finance pilot nationwide, and encourage financial institutions to innovate consumer credit products", the entire consumer finance market will enter the stage of "golden development".








Yusys FinCloud, operated by Yusys Data - the professional cloud service subsidiary of Yusys Technologies, has combined years of industry experience of Yusys Technologies, and provides clients with professional financial platform and application hosting services. As a compliant cloud service provider of the financial industry recognized by the regulatory body, we can be a long-term trustworthy partner in view of professional services, advanced technology, and business compliance.